Episode 12: Informatics History

Episode 12: Informatics History

In this thirteenth episode we introduce a new segment on informatics history led by Dr. John Holmes. We discuss data science training and offer advice to trainees on science networking. We also cover segments on open source software and open data in addition to our regular news and conference updates.

Diabetes Care paper on head to head comparison of AI algorithms for diagnosing diabetics retinopathy. 

New York Times piece on retrocomputing.

Wired piece on the death of Flash.

Associate Dean for Data Science position open at the University of Virginia.

Should all children be taught to code? – NYT

Are peer-reviewed papers getting increasingly boring? by Dr. Daniel Lemire

Journal special issue scam on Retraction Watch

List of computer science conference best paper

Bean Dad meme

Wikipedia page on MUMPS

PlotNeuralNetwork for drawing neural networks in Latex

Datasette for sharing open data

2021 AMIA Summit

2021 AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference

2021 ACM-BCB Conference