Episode 13: Federated Machine Learning

Episode 13: Federated Machine Learning

In this 14th episode, we discuss how to pick a journal for publication and review a paper on federated machine learning. We also talk about strategies for dealing with a senior scientist who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. We include in this episode our open data and open software segments and also present news, conference updates, and other items of interest.

Jason Moore talking about automated machine learning on The Biotech Podcast

NIH scientific misconduct

New York Times piece on Arianna Rosenbluth who developed the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm.

PLOS Computational Biology paper on tips for getting started with twitter

JAMIA paper on gender representation in informatics leadership and awards

Reuters piece on Temnit Gebru and recent departures from Google

Nature piece on the command line

Biography of Mark Dean from IBM for Black History Month

Science piece on fear of getting scooped leading to shoddy methods. Here is the Nature Human Behavior paper the piece is based on.

New Yorker piece on Black Lives Matter hashtag and how it came to academia

Genome Biology paper call for computational validation of experimental results

Paper in Cell on racial disparities in NIH funding

Wall Street Journal piece on IBM wanting to sell Watson

Journal club paper in JMIR on federated machine learning

The JuliaCall R package 

Nature paper on open SARS-CoV-2 sequence data

AMAI Informatics Summit

AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference

AMIA Annual Symposium

ISMB Conference