Episode 15: Writing Motivation

Episode 15: Writing Motivation

In this 16th episode we discuss a non-profit called New Science which is promoting change in how research is done. We also discuss methods for finding the motivation and discipline to write papers, grants, etc. We include open software and open data segments in addition to our usual news and items of interest. We also feature part one of a two-part series on the history of expert systems led by Dr. John Holmes.

Blog post on How life sciences actually work. The startup New Science.

Nature Biotechnology paper by Weis and Jacobson on a knowledge graph method for predicting the scientific impact of published papers.

Is BMI a Scam? – New York Times

Piece in Nature on the Cartoon Guide to Bioinformatics

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics paper looking at the prevalence of clinically actionable pharmacogenetic variants in nearly 500,000 subjects from the UK Biobank. 

Bioarxiv paper on new human genome reference sequence.

PLoS Biology paper on risks that junior faculty face from the impacts of COVID-19.

NBC news piece on unruly air travelers.

Science piece on hybrid meetings.

New Scientist piece and Nature article on failure of AI to diagnose COVID-19.

Gartner article on return to small data.

American Journal of Epidemiology paper on code review.

Forth programming language family tree.

Washington Post piece on discrepancy between opinions of CEOs and workers about return to the office.

Nature Machine Intelligence paper on automating systematic reviews.

Web resource and published paper for COVID-19 drug repurposing.