Episode 18: AI Hype

Episode 18: AI Hype

In this episode, Jason hosts solo with discussions of AI hype, tips for deep learning in the biomedical sciences, and service as a leader. This episode also features news, open data, and a journal club discussion. The notes from the show are included below.

Humility over hype: An AI leader at Google lays out a vision to transform medical care

Andrew Ng X-Rays the AI Hype

Preprint on the harm of class imbalance corrections for risk predictions

Interesting piece in the Harvard Business Review from March 23 titled Overcoming the C-suite’s distrust of AI

Paper on ML for spatial transcriptomics data

Opinion piece in Stat magazine on digital health

Paper in Lancet Digital Health on the false hope of explainable AI in healthcare

Blog on Scientist Sees Squirrel on why it might be time to stop teaching the scientific method in first year biology

Interesting new paper in PLOS Biology on Examining the linguistic shifts between preprints and publications

Great piece by Dr. Michael Levin in Aeon magazine from March 8th titled “Modular Cognition”

The role of machine learning in clinical research

Statistical hypothesis testing versus machine learning binary classification: distinctions and guidelines

New 500-page open-access book on Conway’s Game of Life

Journal club paper on deep learning

The All of Us project