Episode 2: Data Science

Episode 2: Data Science

In this third episode, we  open with a discussion topic on data science. We discuss a paper in JAMIA by Dr. James Cimino on adding clinical cognition to the EHR. IN our open data segment we discuss data.gov. In our training segment, we discuss tips for writing an informatics methodology grant for the NIH. We also cover some news items and provide some discussion about the AMIA conference. Below are links to the websites we mentioned during the episode.

Data science trends for 2019

Data science trends for 2020

Top undergraduate degree programs in data science

Limitation of virtual reality from Fast Company

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century by Dr. Steven Pinker

Letters to the U.S. government from Dr. Eric Babson (UC Davis)

Piece in Nature on the mental health of PhD researchers

Case-Western Reserve University is recruiting a Chair of Computer and Data Science

Dr. Joshua Denny appointed CEO of All of Us

JAMIA paper by Dr. James Cimino on adding clinical cognition to EHR

Data.gov as a source of open data

Dr. Jessie Tenenbaum’s (@jessiet1023) 14 tips for getting involved with AMIA

Forbes piece on Culture eats the lunch of strategy