Episode 6: The Metaverse

Episode 6: The Metaverse

In this seventh episode, we discuss how informaticians can help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We present the Avida software for artificial life and the Google Dataset Search tool that gives you access to more than 25 million datasets. We offer some advice to trainees on work-life balance during the pandemic and feature Dr. Philip Payne from Washington University in our informatician spotlight. We also discuss several news items and the metaverse.

We mourn the passing of Dr. James Taylor and Dr. John Conway.

PLoS One paper that looked at data availability in more than 500,000 open-access papers.

Epic reverses its opposition to a federal data-sharing rule.

Is Fortnite a pre-review of the new metaverse?

NPR piece on whether colleges and universities can survive the pandemic.

Behind the scenes of the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard.

Martin Goodson on “All models are wrong, but some are completely wrong

ACM/IMS Transactions on Data Science

The ACM Digital Library

New podcast by Marylyn Ritchie! Combining Academia and Life with Marylyn (CALM)

The Avida software on Github

A paper about Avida-Ed

A paper on evaluating Avida-Ed in the classroom

Google Dataset Search 

Blog post about Google Dataset Search

Nature piece on work-life balance