Episode 7: Informatics Consortia

Episode 7: Informatics Consortia

In this eighth episode, we discuss the pros and cons of participating in research consortia. Our journal club segment features a paper from Nature Machine Intelligence on machine learning analysis of COVID-19 data. We present the sci-kit learning resource in our software segment and present a nice source of open data for COVID-19. We also cover a number of news items. Finally, we discuss 10 tips for giving a great scientific presentation in our training segment.

Piece on rigorous science for the study of COVID-19 in The Irish Times.

Editorial in BioData Mining on how informaticians can get involved with COVID-19 research.

Forbes piece on Twitter making work from home permanent.

NPR piece on Google’s work from home plans.

The Epic Health Research Network (EHRN)

The U.S. Public Health Emergency Privacy Act reported by Healthcare IT News

UC Berkeley graduation in Minecraft

60th anniversary of the ALGOL-60 programming language

Graduate student solves 50-year math problem

Health Tech Magazine piece on Chief Nursing Informatics Officers

Paper in JAMA by Sittig and Singh on health IT and COVID-19

Journal club paper in Nature Machine Intelligence

The open-source scikit-learn machine learning library

CORD-19 – The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset

Paper in Nature on 10 tips for a great scientific talk