Episode 9: Leadership Coaching

Episode 9: Leadership Coaching

In this tenth episode, we feature guest host Dr. Kevin Johnson from Vanderbilt University who leads a discussion on the value of leadership coaching. We review a paper about teaching artificial intelligence to medical students and provide some tips for science communication via twitter during our training segment. We also review a number of news items.

Our Guest Host Dr. Kevin Johnson from Vanderbilt University

Jason’s research program overview on YouTube.

Kansas Fest

NIH Train the Trainer Event

The case for executive coaching in academic medicine by Dr. Jeffrey Balser

Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon

Viewpoint piece in JAMA on chatbots

Piece in Forbes on Google’s plans to return to the office during summer of 2021

Piece in Cell Systems on what needs to change to get more Black scientists into academia

Piece in Nature on asking how AI shifts ‘power’

Piece in the New York Times on data disarmament 

Data science in Africa RFA from the US NIH

Piece in the Wall Street Journal on the aspiring lawyer who retrained as a data scientist

In Those Genes podcast by Dr. Janina Jeff

Piece in Nature on slow progress in getting senior white academics to recognize and confront racism

Digital Medicine paper on teaching AI to medical students

Jason’s YouTube talk on using twitter for science communication