Episode 3: Informatics Journals

Episode 3: Informatics Journals

In this fourth episode, we discuss top informatics journals and a paper on deep phenotyping in the EHR. We also discuss the PhenX toolkit in our open data segment. Finally, in our training advice segment, we discuss “How to deal with someone else having my idea especially when they do it first”. We also present several interesting news items and mention some upcoming conferences and deadlines.

BBC article on unlimited time off

New Informatics in the Round podcast by Dr. Kevin Johnson and team

Paper in arXiv on the predictive power of microbiome exceeds that of GWAS

Wikipedia page on Chuck Peddle who passed away December 15, 2019

Nature commentary on the Human Screenome Project

Nature news on the stresses of being a scientist

The Y2K bug is back!

Paper in arXiv on a new rigor and reproducibility index

Paper in Nature Protocols on PheCAP software for phenotype mining in the EHR

The PhenX toolkit

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) call for session proposals – due Feb. 7, 2020


Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Learning Health Systems (SAIL)

Jenna Kutcher’s blog